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Keep track of your cloud data platform costs

Monitor your Snowflake accounts’ activities. Identify inefficient usage patterns, fine-tune scheduled processes and lower your monthly costs.


About Arctica


Keep tabs on your Snowflake bills

Get a clear view of your costs

One owl to rule them all


No. 01

Cost breakdown by minute

Centralized billing reports

Identify the most expensive users and processes

Utilization costs by business units

Unveil inefficiencies and optimize data tasks and analytics

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No. 02

Go beyond your standard KPI’s

Gain unique operational insights


Usage patterns by activity type

Activity benchmarking

Storage and usage best practices

Cross-account reports


No. 03

Monitoring & Alerts

Always stay in-the-know


Get a weekly email digest, summarizing all your Snowflake activities, usage trends and costs


Get notified when utilization anomalies are detected or when your monthly bill gets too high

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